It’s pretty standard for any author who writes a book to launch it. But what does it mean to “launch” a book? You can probably guess, and you’d most likely be right. It’s all about increased attention toward your newly written masterpiece.

As someone who has experience as a digital book marketer, I know what questions you most likely have and the best way to answer them. Let’s get into it.

What is a book launch?

The reason you launch a book is, essentially, to sell it. You, as the author, have written a new book that you believe is worthy of attention (which it is!). By preparing a launch, you’re positioning your book to:

The whole point is to spotlight your messaging to the right audience so it sells.

Do you need a formal launch?

Not necessarily. Think about it like a birthday party. Do you really need one? Not really. But generally speaking, it’s kind of a standard occasion.

It’s easier to suddenly drop a title if you’re a celebrity or high status influencer and expect a bestseller from it, but that most likely won’t happen for you. It’s always considered a good rule of thumb to prime your audience for the launch so they’re aware of it and know what to expect on your launch day. By doing this, attention will begin to surround your book and you’ll be able to organically sell it even more.

What do you need to launch a book?

This is a great question and an important one. You can either get your friends, family, and/or colleagues to support you in a DIY-esque format. Otherwise, paying a service to support your book with you—or even for you—is an option, though this tends to be more expensive.

Depending on whether or not you launch a book yourself or hire a company to do it for you, you’ll need to have some idea of your…

These elements will inform your marketing efforts and how appealing your book is to a particular audience.

How long is a typical book launch?

Like most things, it depends. The ideal window is somewhere around 6 to 8 months in advance of your book’s release. Many authors’ biggest issue is not offering themselves enough “runway”, or time to invest in their pre-publication marketing.

An author’s launch day can be informed by:

In other words, a launch can be…

It ultimately depends on what vision you have for yourself and/or your brand. Because it can be an overwhelming process, especially when it gets closer to the launch (around 1-2 months before), it never hurts to take things just a little bit slower.

Will a launch make me a bestselling author?

Alot of it depends on the work you put in yourself, so the short answer is it depends. It can if you are strategic about it, but to say that you can expect to become a bestseller by simply doing a launch is misleading.

Additionally, by not “priming” your audience for the book’s release, they won’t know what to expect or what to do the day of the launch. Oh, you wrote a book? Oh, it’s already out?? OH, well, where do I go??? It’ll just seem slapped together if you suddenly drop a new title without notice and simultaneously expect it to do well.

But assuming you put in the effort and work strategically, launches absolutely can set you up for success. You can make bestseller status on Amazon fairly easily, maybe Wall Street Journal (if you sell around 7k books organically or buy your way in for $65k), and possibly make New York Times bestseller status (if you have at least 10k pre-orders and published traditionally).

Final Thoughts

Book launches can be an in-depth process. You may or may not have written your debut book and you may or may not know what to expect from launching it. There are endless possibilities for where you can take your branding, your book’s messaging, the kind of image you want to create for yourself, and the kind of experience you want your audience to have.

But if I had to give you any advice to get you started, it would be to get very clear on what it is that you want.

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