What are they?

Seasons are a publisher’s schedule. They influence editorial calendars. Many traditional presses have them and they often indicate how busy or slow the book business is. Fall is often the busiest season because that is typically when larger, more notable titles are released; the latter end summer, by contrast, is much quieter because everyone is out for holidays and vacations. (More “leisure books” may be released around this time.)

Spend some time reading the information in the graphic above to get more of an idea of what each individual season looks/feels like.

How do they work?

A variety of events and planning occurs across seasons; many of these include…

Books in the summer are often a lot more laid-back and leisurely than those released in the fall. For example, Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid would have a much different marketing approach, versus maybe The Woman in Me by Britney Spears (which, ironically, has barely had any promotion at all—mostly because it doesn’t need to).

What does this mean for you if you’re wanting to publish a book?

Do you need to be strategic about when you decide to write a book? When you submit it to an agent or editor? When you decide you want to publish at all?


Timing is something very few people (if any) have control over. Even if you wanted to time your book with publisher’s seasons and current events/trends, it would be nearly impossible because it can take months (or sometimes even years) to write, pitch, and/or publish a book. Don’t freak yourself out with that stuff.

Trust that it’s all going to work out. If that doesn’t soothe your nerves, then feel free to do some research on other books similar to yours to see what the current market looks like. Were they well-received? Did they get a lot of reviews? Were they self-published?

Speaking of which, the early winter months, like January and February, are often GREAT times for self-publishing since there tends to be very minimal competition. Hardly any large press books are released since they all came out in the fall, and people are amped up on post-Christmas gift cards and New Years’ resolutions. Popular subjects for this time of year also include business, self help, finance, and diet/health. (Again, new-year-new-me mentality.)

Final Thoughts

Seasons mostly pertain to traditional presses (i.e. publishers that pay to produce your book in exchange for higher royalties). Just as there are on, off, and training seasons in sports, the same is also true of book publishing.

If you want to learn more about this, feel free to check out this helpful video by author Alexa Donne.

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