Services & Offers

Services & Offers


How can we work together?

Any work we do together is fully customized to your needs, wants, and overall vision. This is determined through a Free, 15-Minute Discovery Call with my small strategy team, where we clarify:

What you need

Why you need it

The service that best addresses those needs

Schedule your call below to learn more about what we do and how we can best work with you.

Available Services

Please note that many of these services are able to be bundled together if you are interested in more than one.

Book a discovery call to learn more about what this could look like for you.

Essential Book

Launch Elements
$ 1,500
  • The recommended elements to help you execute a simple book launch:
  • 45-Minute Strategy Session
  • Detailed Marketing Plan
  • Complimentary Platform Audit
  • 3-5 Custom Promo Graphics
  • Electronic Media Kit
  • Sell Sheet
  • Comprehensive "Project Info" Document


Book Launch
$ 5,000
  • Guided support for marketing an upcoming book, based on your goals, vision, and needs:
  • 60-Minute Strategy Session
  • Everything from the "Essential Book Launch Elements"
  • Detailed Marketing Plan
  • Pre-Launch Strategy
  • Launch Day Plan
  • Post-Launch Strategy

Additional Services

  • Need something specific? We create many unique packages to fit your needs. Examples include:
  • Done-For-You Book Launches
  • Book Re-Launches
  • Branding Essentials
  • Publishing Assistance
  • 30-Minute Consultation


“Mini” Consult
$ 75
  • Ask questions, get advice, and receive personalized direction for your writing / publishing endeavors.
  • A no-pressure call
  • Zero sales tactics
  • A one-time, flat fee


$ 200/hr
  • ncludes any work requested outside of the proposed packages.
  • High-quality products/services
  • Billing in 15-minute increments


Power Pack
$ 998
  • Dedicated time to build a strategic plan for you, your book’s publication, and your platform.
  • 90-Minute Session
  • Custom Action Plan + Walkthrough
  • Private “Publishing 101” Video
  • Complimentary Platform Audit
  • Publishing Fundamentals Toolkit
Limited Time Offer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee sales through marketing support?

No, but we can promise an increase in visibility. We strengthen your brand to help with this so you’re positioned in the best possible way to attract more sales, but to make a guarantee around the book sales themselves would be irresponsible.

The trick is to use your brand and/or business as a way to “prime the pump” to launch more monetizable products or services, like a book. By leveraging these assets with the intention of providing valuable information to your budding audience, you are better positioned to monetize through speaking engagements, workshops, special offers, and more.

Yes! We offer a Done-For-You model where my team takes on the work of pursuing, vetting, and distributing your book’s (and brand’s) content through a variety of communication mediums that are best suited for you. We highly recommend booking a discovery call to get an idea of what this could specifically look like for you.

It depends on how much value you’re placing on your book and, ultimately, your business/brand. If you value time and quality, you’re paying for premium management of your project. My intent is to provide more value than the pricing so you not only consider it a worthwhile investment but are also able to see an ROI through additional opportunities to monetize.

A long time. Organic marketing is a marathon, not a sprint – that’s why so many business owners and authorpreneurs hire out this kind of help. You are building community, loyalty, engagement, trust, and word of mouth around your business and its respective products/services. Consistency with this is key!


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