There is Never the Perfect Time for a Book Launch, but Timing Does Matter

More and more authors are deciding to forego the hurdles of getting their book in front of a traditional publisher and choosing to go it alone. When you go the self-publishing route, there is a certain level of marketing basics that you need to understand that traditional publishers already do. 

According to statistics, the average self-published book will sell about 250 copies, with the average author making about $1,000 annually. Although those numbers might sound defeating, most authors don’t have the background to launch and market their books effectively. Before you release your greatest work to the world, make sure you take the time for planning and execution, and to understand all that is at play for a successful launch. 


Writing a book is a serious accomplishment, but it is just the first step. Before you launch your book, you need to make sure that it is professional and polished enough to be engaging to your audience. Launch preparations include editing, formatting, and cover design. It also involves getting feedback from people who match your niche audience. Lastly, you will want to have your marketing, author website, social media profiles, press releases, and promotional graphic materials ready to go.


Choose a time of the year to release your book when it will be most relative and have the biggest impact on success. Things you will want to think about are seasonal trends, holidays, and any other relevant events that might intrigue your audience. Although you have no way of controlling what is going on in the world, try to avoid a book launch during periods when it might be overshadowed by distractions and other major releases, such as the fall season.


The reason why a lot of self-published books don’t sell very well is that not many authors understand how critical marketing is for the launch and beyond. It is important to create a marketing plan a good 6 to 8 months in advance that will include strategies for promoting your book through all channels possible. You will want to use social media, email marketing, advertising, book reviews and testimonials, and planned author events. The key is to build anticipation and visibility before your book is even available to maximize your launch’s impact.


Distribution can be tricky for self-published authors. Whether you are selling your book online or at physical stores, you need to devise a distribution strategy. For self-published authors, platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) or IngramSpark offer distribution services that might help get your books into readers’ hands globally. Also, make sure that your book is accessible to readers and listeners alike by offering multiple formats such as ebook, paperback, and audiobook. 


Engaging with your audience, and potential audience, is important both before, during, and after your launch date. You, as the author, need to establish a relationship with your readers so that you can sustain interest in your work. Always respond to readers’ inquiries and comments, answer questions, acknowledge feedback, and participate in online discussions. You can also consider thinking creatively by hosting virtual or in-person events so that you can connect with your audience on a more personal and intimate level.

Remember the Calm After the Storm

The biggest thing to remember is that the launch might be a big announcement, but it is not the end all be all. The launch is your practice run, and it will likely reach those people who probably already know you. The calm after the storm of launching is when you have to be persistent, active and engaged. Launching is a tool to get your books into the hands of your niche market. The aftermath of it is letting your niche market help get your books into other, like-minded audience readers. 

A book launch is a very exciting time for a self-publisher. The key is preparation and planning. If you have all of your ducks in a row, then you will be able to get your book in front of the right audience. It will take persistence, however, once your book is launched, to keep yourself visible. If you want help with your book launch or reviving a previously launched book, I’d love to help. Together, we can take your book global and beyond. Contact me today to get started.


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