Power Pack

Let’s flesh out a strategic plan for you, your book and beyond!

Power Pack

Let’s flesh out a strategic plan for you, your book and beyond!

The average book sells between 250 and 500 copies in its lifetime.

The last thing you want to have happen after dedicating your time, energy, and bandwidth is watch years’ worth of work sit in a dark storage room somewhere accumulating dust. What can be partially attributed to this is not having a strategic plan for your book and digital platform.

That’s where I come in. I offer value-based consultative support to aspiring authors like you, who:

  • Need direction
  • Don’t know what to prioritize
  • Want to learn more about their publishing options

Mentors and writing groups are great for writing support and overall encouragement. However, they lack the strategic direction needed to reach their intended audience, plug into their book’s market, and build their long-term platform while simultaneously understanding the process and business of publishing as a whole.

We’ll start with a Private, 90-Minute Strategy Session that allows you dedicated time to flesh out a strategic plan and step-by-step guide for your publication goals, as well as your book and digital platform. 

It offers answers to questions as BROAD as…

  • Where do I need to put my energy?
  • What questions do I need to be asking?
  • What do I need to be thinking about, long-term?

…And as SPECIFIC as:

  • What should I do to build up my following (or audience)?
  • How should I position my book to attract my ideal audience?
  • What publishing route best suits my goals and expectations?

You’ll notice there are no questions about how to publish a book. That’s because that will naturally be covered in detail on our call, and I take it a step further by addressing the questions that publishers and agents will be asking when you pitch them your book.

The goal of this call is to give you customized feedback and insight to alleviate unnecessary stress around what you need to be thinking about and working toward.

What makes my strategic approach to books unique? Here’s the short answer: 

  • I educate you on the publishing industry. Think of it as a teach-a-man-to-fish approach. I want you to be successful, now and in the future, so what better way than to educate you on the landscape you’re entering?
  • I recognize books as a business. This can be a hard pill for some to swallow. Money is inevitably going to be a big part of publishing, and your book deserves to be worth more. This is where your book’s positioning will come in handy.
  • I have experience as a (traditionally) published author. The process of publishing a book is going to be pretty similar across the board: acquisition, editorial, design, production, marketing, and selling. I walk you through how each of these departments work and more so you come across as knowledgeable, professional, and prepared.

Publishing Power Pack Overview

So what does this look like and what does it include?

1. Pre-call research

on my end so we can maximize the use of our time together

2. 90-Minute Strategy call

to discuss your specific needs and/or questions

3. Call recording

shared so you can access our conversation again whenever you’d like

4. follow-up email

within 24 hours containing resources and notes from our conversation, as well as any immediate action items

5. Get the assets

20-page, custom Action Plan within 1 week that acts as your “fast-tracked” roadmap to success, while giving consideration to your values, time investment, and expectations
1-page instruction sheet to guide you through, specifically, how to use your custom plan
Personalized walkthrough video  going over your specific Action Plan’s content, how it works, and how to digest it as a whole

Additionally, you’ll get instant access to these EXCLUSIVE BONUSES

  • Private “Publishing 101” Introduction Video ($300 Value) that walks you through some of the lesser-known details of book publishing
  • Complimentary Platform Audit ($500 Value) offering specific guidance, ideas, and suggestions for your online presence and social media platforms
  • Publishing Fundamentals Toolkit ($300 Value), or various documents and templates, hyperlinked throughout your Action Plan to aid you in:
      • Formatting your manuscript
      • Finding & identifying your primary readership
      • Identifying your ideal reader
      • Researching comparable (“comp”) titles
      • Creating a comprehensive contact list 
      • Creating a social media content plan
      • Brainstorming ways to promote your book

By investing in a Publishing Power Pack, and subsequently receiving all the accompanying bonuses, you’ll be receiving individualized support to help you:

  • Fast-track your path toward publication
  • Combat decision paralysis and/or information overload
  • Allocate for the time and energy investment into publication
  • Understand your book’s market and demand
  • Refine and build out your online presence

Additionally, I am proud to offer a “Delayed Second Payment” Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning you’ll pay the first-half up front and the second half after our call, once you’re happy with all materials you’ve received.


Book a Free, 15-Minute Discovery Call to See If It’s Right for You!

If you’re an aspiring author who is…

  • Looking for straight-forward, personalized guidance
  • Wanting transparency around the publication process
  • Thinking ahead about your book’s and/or platform’s positioning, as well as long-term success (defined by YOU)

…Then this bundle will be invaluable to your book’s success as its strategic approach ensures it won’t just sit on the shelf accumulating dust. We’re in this together!

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About Lauren

Lauren Erickson is a publishing consultant, as well as #1 Amazon bestselling author, who’s been following industry trends and news since 2021. Her book, The Finer Things Club has been featured in KDHamptons, LUX Lifestyle, Reader Views, and Midwest Book Reviews.

She has experience working as a book launcher for an Inc. 5000 company where she helped digitally market numerous Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors prior to their publication. In this role, she also co-led dozens of strategy sessions with business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

Lauren currently lives in the north suburbs of Chicago with her life partner, where she now offers advice, education, insight, and support for aspiring authors.

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