Any brand you’re building for yourself as a writer or author is going to be dependent on 3 qualities:

  1. Your mission/values
  2. Your message
  3. How you choose to communicate that message

In this post, we’ll be talking about how to clarify those items for yourself, as well as combine them into a visual display with help from Pinterest and Canva. 🙂

Your Mission or Values

Your mission rests on your “why.” Why are you writing about what you’re writing about? Why is it important that you communicate that message?

If you’re a small biz owner or entrepreneur, it’s likely that your personal/writer brand may be different from your business’ identity, and that’s okay. In fact, I would argue it’s supposed to be like that because after publishing your book, people will want YOU for speaking engagements, workshops, book signings, etc.—not your business.

But what determines your mission? That would be your values.

As you can probably intuit, your values are your core beliefs; mine happen to be:

Between 3 and 5 would be most appropriate. Take a look at Brené Brown’s list of values and determine which ones are most representative of you.

Your Message

If you had 1 minute to give a speech to the world, what would it be? If you’re struggling to answer this question, here are 3 prompts to get you thinking:

  1. What is it you really want to say?
  2. What is it that no one talks about?
  3. What existing work that you’re already knowledgeable in would you like to expand upon?

Your message does not necessarily need to be about your exact work; this is an opportunity to extend the conversation around any particular points, concepts, perspectives, ideas, or solutions that you believe would benefit the collective (your niche).

For example, my book is about working in Yellowstone National Park, but national parks are such a small fraction of my brand. Yes, it’s an important piece of my “personhood”, but I leverage that book more to demonstrate to others how much hard work and diligence goes into writing and publishing one for themselves. I educate others on that process by using my book as both physical and social proof.

If you’re still struggling, consider what themes your book (or future book) touches on, and use that to inform what you want to say.

How You Communicate That Message

This is where things get a little bit fun. You get to zero in one what makes you unique. Is it the way you tell a story? Is it your teaching style? Is it the way you can easily motivate or inspire people? That’s going to be what makes your message “sticky.”

If you’re not sure how to approach this, I would recommend getting a friend, close colleague, family member, significant other to comment on what you’re good at. Make a list and determine which one or few of those would be the easiest to replicate while communicating your message.

Next, it’s worth considering what platform you’d like to speak through—blogs, videos, short clips, podcasts, interviews, workshops, panels, coaching, etc. If you got to communicate through your ideal medium, what would it be and why?

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