I Wrote a Memoir About Working in Yellowstone: Here Are 8 Things I Learned

I spent two summers working in Yellowstone National Park as a housekeeper and thought the experience was so unique it warranted a book. So for five years, I spent my time ideating, positioning, writing, and heavily, heavily editing it. The book finally launched last spring through a small, Chicago-based press. Enough time’s gone by now […]

3 Simple Writing Models to Help You Structure Your Memoir

When I was writing my debut memoir, The Finer Things Club, I had no idea what I was doing. I did tons and tons of research on the best way to organize my story and, after quite a bit of digging, I found three good structures that I thought I would pass on in this […]

The 6 Most Common Types of Nonfiction Books

I’ve gotten a couple questions over time about the different kinds of nonfiction books, so I thought I’d cover them here. I don’t have too much of an intro because I’d rather just get right into it, so here are the six major “types” of nonfiction that I’ll be dissecting and providing examples for: 1. […]

5 Accurate Signs You’re Ready to Write a Book

1. You know your subject matter better than the average person You also spend time educating yourself on some of the lesser-known or more confusing aspects of your subject matter. This is especially important for those who are interested in writing nonfiction, but may also apply to those interested in other genres, such as historical […]

Where to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book

Publishing is known for being exclusive. It’s all about who you know and, just as importantly, who they know. Getting any kind of representation for both yourself (as an author) and your work can take years, and knowing exactly where to look is going to make that work more efficient and effective. What is the […]

What It Takes to Write a Captivating Memoir (from a Bestselling Author)

I’ve learned from writing my own memoir, it’s that it’s much harder than it seems. There are so many different little movies pieces: your flow, your narrative arc, your pace, your voice, your audience’s impression, your ideal reader, and the overall consistency in your story, all while remaining entirely conscious of how you’re balancing your […]

7 Books to Help Prepare You & Your Book for Publication

You’ve just spent months, maybe even years, crafting and editing the next best seller, and now you believe you’re ready for the next step: publication. What do you need to know? What’s the next step? What questions haven’t you asked? Here are 7 books I’ve personally read and enjoyed whilst navigating my own publication journey. […]

How Authors Make Their Money: Understanding Advances & Royalties

It seems like authors in general have a hard time talking about money, and how much they make in book sales. Is it a lot? A little? Did they get an advance? What do you do after you get one? Well, it might surprise you to learn that authors typically don’t make much in sales. […]

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