My Approach to Book Marketing (from a Former Inc. 5000 Book Launcher)

What sells a book? That’s a hard question to answer. How can I make my book more visible? That’s easier, and often yields multiple answers because book marketing is almost always a combination of efforts.In my opinion, book marketing is a blend between gaining visibility for your book and credibility for your authorship. This means it […]

How Much Does Platform Matter for First-Time Authors?

Here’s the short answer: it depends. I know, I don’t like that answer any more than you do, but it’s true. It ultimately depends on what your goals are and what your overall vision is. If you’re okay with going with a small press, self-publishing, or even hybrid, the size of your platform won’t be […]

How to Network with Book Industry Professionals as an Aspiring Author

Publishing is known for being a pretty difficult industry to break into, especially if you have no background (academic or professional) in the business. Believe me, I’m someone with a heavy background in education who only pivoted toward the book space within the last few years. The first question you need to ask yourself is […]

How Books Get on the Front Tables at Barnes & Noble

Have you ever walked into a Barnes & Noble or any other large bookstore and seen those table of books in the very front of the store? It’s so easy to gravitate to that section and peruse all the bestselling titles, promising new authors, and colorful book covers. Wanna know how that happens? This post […]

How to Create an Author Brand Using Pinterest & Canva

Any brand you’re building for yourself as a writer or author is going to be dependent on 3 qualities: In this post, we’ll be talking about how to clarify those items for yourself, as well as combine them into a visual display with help from Pinterest and Canva. 🙂 Your Mission or Values Your mission […]

How to Launch Your Book in 2024

A while ago, I wrote a blog on what a “book launch” is, why they matter, and if you really need one. The short answer is, it’s a way to celebrate your authorship journey while letting people know your book now exists in the world. It’s always going to be based around your book’s release […]

How to Build Your Credibility and Use It in 2024

Credibility, or social proof, is your way of demonstrating that who you are and your message is worth trusting. Every author needs it because it shows publishers, and your future audience, that what you have to say it legitimate. But what does that mean and what does that look like? Types of Credibility Social proof […]

How to Ask for Book Endorsements (Plus a Template)

Let’s be honest, asking for anything as a writer can be uncomfortable, whether it’s an endorsement, a shoutout, or even a simple Amazon review. You don’t want to seem needy or annoying by asking, but these are essential elements for getting your book off the ground. In this post, I’ll be walking you through how […]

What is a ‘book launch’ and should you have one?

It’s pretty standard for any author who writes a book to launch it. But what does it mean to “launch” a book? You can probably guess, and you’d most likely be right. It’s all about increased attention toward your newly written masterpiece. As someone who has experience as a digital book marketer, I know what […]

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