My Approach to Book Marketing (from a Former Inc. 5000 Book Launcher)

What sells a book? That’s a hard question to answer. How can I make my book more visible? That’s easier, and often yields multiple answers because book marketing is almost always a combination of efforts.In my opinion, book marketing is a blend between gaining visibility for your book and credibility for your authorship. This means it […]

I Wrote a Memoir About Working in Yellowstone: Here Are 8 Things I Learned

I spent two summers working in Yellowstone National Park as a housekeeper and thought the experience was so unique it warranted a book. So for five years, I spent my time ideating, positioning, writing, and heavily, heavily editing it. The book finally launched last spring through a small, Chicago-based press. Enough time’s gone by now […]

I Compared 4 of the Biggest Bestseller Lists & This Is What I Found

First thing’s first: if we’re gonna talk about bestseller lists, we’ve gotta talk about Circana (formerly known as Nielsen BookScan). Circana is essentially the holy grail of book sales. They cover “approximately 85% of trade print books sold in the U.S. through direct reporting from all major retailers, independent bookstores, and many others”, according to […]

Should You Ever Pay for Your Book’s Publication?

I’ve had my mind on a million things and wasn’t able to get to my blogsletter (I still don’t know what to call these Substack posts 😅), but I thought I’d make it up to you by chatting a little bit about whether or not you are expected—at any point—to pay for publication. First, a […]

How to Get Traditionally Published as a Brand New Author in 2024

1. “Inspect” Your Book Idea I can’t tell you how to get a book idea, but I can tell you what to do after you’ve gotten one. You’ll want to analyze your idea from a few different angles to make sure it’s worth the work and energy you’ll be putting into it. The last thing […]

The 6 Most Common Types of Nonfiction Books

I’ve gotten a couple questions over time about the different kinds of nonfiction books, so I thought I’d cover them here. I don’t have too much of an intro because I’d rather just get right into it, so here are the six major “types” of nonfiction that I’ll be dissecting and providing examples for: 1. […]

What Are “Seasons” in Book Publishing and How Do They Work?

What are they? Seasons are a publisher’s schedule. They influence editorial calendars. Many traditional presses have them and they often indicate how busy or slow the book business is. Fall is often the busiest season because that is typically when larger, more notable titles are released; the latter end summer, by contrast, is much quieter […]

How to Network with Book Industry Professionals as an Aspiring Author

Publishing is known for being a pretty difficult industry to break into, especially if you have no background (academic or professional) in the business. Believe me, I’m someone with a heavy background in education who only pivoted toward the book space within the last few years. The first question you need to ask yourself is […]

How Books Get on the Front Tables at Barnes & Noble

Have you ever walked into a Barnes & Noble or any other large bookstore and seen those table of books in the very front of the store? It’s so easy to gravitate to that section and peruse all the bestselling titles, promising new authors, and colorful book covers. Wanna know how that happens? This post […]

How to Create an Author Brand Using Pinterest & Canva

Any brand you’re building for yourself as a writer or author is going to be dependent on 3 qualities: In this post, we’ll be talking about how to clarify those items for yourself, as well as combine them into a visual display with help from Pinterest and Canva. 🙂 Your Mission or Values Your mission […]

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